Markets With Caffey and Other Ramblings

Markets With Caffey and Other Ramblings

How can you tell if a business is a Small Family-Owned Business.  That is kind of an easy answer when the entire family is involved in every aspect of the business.  When you work with the same people in the storefront every day or when the sales, marketing, production and administration are all the same people.  

Welcome to our world for the past few years.  This has been an exciting ride and as every small business owner would attest to is a very exhausting one to boot.  This is in no way me complaining, but it is a feeble way of me saying sorry for not keeping up on the post as promised.  So, let me fill you in on what has happened since our last post and introduce you to our new Mascot of the company.  

So, right before Christmas in 2022 Jules and I and the kids moved to the Country from the City.  I have always been a small-town boy and have always enjoyed the country life of gardening, and no rush and not having to be in traffic jams.  I love small town restaurants over 4-star places.  Julie this year has become a farmer at heart.  She has always been an animal lover as to attest to our dogs that are treated better than most people I know.  We knew that the city life was no longer a good fit for us and we found a great place with a few outbuildings that we were allowed to turn into our place where we can produce our product, farm, raise chickens, and there was even a house on the property.  It immediately cut our cost from having multiple stores and still afford a house in this economical world we find ourselves in.  

So, this summer Julie and I planted our first family garden together and it has already been producing giant zucchinis that are being set up for the winter and to give away to friends and family.  I am looking forward to the watermelon and the corn that is coming in strong.  The kids are looking forward to tomatoes and strawberries.  It is still a lot of fun watching the kids and Julie's face brighten up when we pick something new out of the garden.  The funny thing is my mom reminds me of how I was as a boy during summer and planting.  I didn't understand that cost saving factor back then like I do today.  I find myself thankful for being able to watch the kids learn how to live off the land.

Well, that is all not all that we have gathered this year we have built Chicken and Duck coop's for Julie's new adventure.  So yes, Julie has turned country and it is funny, but she loves it and as they say, "When Momma is happy everyone is Happy".  

So that is the update as the Family is going, now onto the business.  Well, we adopted our new mascot Caffey for our company, and we wanted to introduce him to you.  We have been looking for a mascot from day one and nothing fit until we met Caffey when we came out with our new line.  So now you know that the product you buy from us is Caffey approved when you see him on either the packaging, website, or any other new marketing material.  Also, if you ever come to our shows that we are vendors at you also have a chance to meet and take pictures with Caffey when he is with us. 

Our New Product Line

  So, one of the best parts of being a small business is that there are not a lot of middle people from the consumer to the producers.  Thank God for that because our newest exciting line came from a fellow vendor that we sell with, and she asked us to try our chocolate with cashews.  It took us about a month to get everything right and it now is on the site to order, at all of our shows we attend, and it also is available to be sold at your local store if they order it.  

For the month of August if you use the word Caffey you can find a surprise discount to help you save money....  

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